Hotfix for Error 1010: Security check failed while hashing files


Please note: The below “Error 1010” Hotfix does not apply to versions 1.5.x.x, as this fix has already be integrated into the code.

Download Hotfix for error 1010


1) MobileMark 2014 patch 2 or SYSmark 2014 patch 2 must be installed to use this hotfix.

2) Download and extract the above zip file to the test system where error 1010 occurred.

3) If any SYSmark 2014 or MobileMark 2014 windows remain open, close them before attempting to apply the hotfix.

4) Right click the ‘Hotfix_for_Error_1010.exe’ file that you extracted from the zip and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.

5) The package will launch a command prompt window.

6) Follow the prompts to apply the hotfix.

7) Upon successful completion, press any key to close the command window. You may now attempt to run SM14 or MM14, and should no longer see error 1010.

Note: This fix applies only SM14 and MM14 patch 2. If the hotfix package cannot detect the SM14 or MM14 installation, it will exit.