SYSmark 2014 SE

Does SYSmark® 2014 support installation on partitions other than the C:\ drive?

No. SYSmark® 2014 must be installed on and run from the C:\ drive and the user account installing the benchmark must have administrator rights on the target system. In addition, SYSmark® 2014 tests must be executed from the same account that was used to install the benchmark.

Which device drivers should I use when testing with BAPCo benchmarks?

When using BAPCo benchmarks to evaluate performance or battery life, one should install the latest production drivers from the hardware manufacturer. Drivers included with the operating system may not be device specific or newer drivers may be available from the device manufacturer.  Using incorrect drivers could result in significantly reduced performance.

SYSmark 2014 SE encounters errors on systems with lower memory configurations

If errors are encountered when testing SYSmark 2014 SE on systems with lower memory configurations (2gb of RAM), try increasing the virtual memory size available to to the system. A larger pagefile size will help with memory management and increase the chance of a passing result on lower end configuraations.

Where are the drivers for Watts Up? Pro power meter

Drivers for the Watts Up? Pro power meter are located below:

Data logger

USB controller driver

Instructions for installing the data logger and USB controller driver can be found in the SYSmark 2014 SE User guide.

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