BAPCo Government Network

As a non-profit consortium, BAPCo’s charter is to develop and distribute a set of objective performance benchmarks based on popular computer applications and industry standard operating systems.

Since 2004, BAPCo has worked with Governments to produce the best tools in the industry to help make informed purchasing decisions as part of the tender process.

BAPCo is now in a collaboration with IIT Bombay (Computer Science and Engineering department) on a research project with reference to end computing device benchmarks (2015-2016).

The BGN (BAPCo Government Network) brings together this collaborative effort and expertise in one unified program. If you are a government agency and are interested in using BAPCo products, please contact us at:

Government agencies or associations that qualified for the BGN have access to the following benefits:

  • Complimentary licenses
  • Priority  technical support
  • Ability to audit code*
  • Attend BAPCo benchmark development conferences
  • No cost to join the BGN program

*available to any government agency – membership to the BGN is not required.

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