Need a Copy of BAPCo’s New SYSmark 2018 or MobileMark 2018 Benchmark for an IT Tender Submission?

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PC & Laptop IT vendor-neutral tenders involve a lot of effort. BAPCo benchmark products are used in Government IT Tenders in over 50 countries. The “Request For Proposal” (RFP) your organization has been waiting for is out. Winning could mean big things for your business. If you need a copy of SYSmark 2018, SYSmark 2014 (1.5 / SE) or MobileMark 2018, MobileMark 2014, head on over to the BAPCo Store or contact:

Results between SYSmark previous versions are NOT comparable with results from SYSmark 2018. Results between MobileMark previous versions are NOT comparable with results from MobileMark 2018.

BAPCo is here to help! Don’t risk a late submission, especially if submission is via an online portal. Make sure you beat the mad rush to the finish line.

Update: BAPCo’s SYSmark 2018 is now available!

Update: BAPCo’s MobileMark 2018 is now available!

Since 1991, the BAPCo’s family of benchmarks has been used by PC OEMs, hardware and software developers, IT departments, system integrators, publishers and testing labs as well as information technologists and computer industry analysts. BAPCo’s SYSmark 2018 builds upon its predecessor, utilizing the strongest and broadest development team in PC benchmark history. BAPCo’s membership represents the breadth of the computing industry and harnesses a consortium of experts. Head on over to the BAPCo Store for SYSmark 2018 & MobileMark 2018 purchase and license options here.