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BAPCo proudly adheres to an intricate and proven product development process to ensure our offerings meet the highest standards. For an insight into our detailed process, our SYSmark 30 whitepaper serves as a compelling example. To elevate our development process even further, numerous committee members graciously volunteer their resources, contributing their expertise to various facets of product development. It’s all part of our commitment to delivering unmatched quality and innovation to our valued customers.

The EULA (End User License Agreement) can be found and downloaded here.

The Compliance and Benchmarking Rules can be found and downloaded here.

BAPCo’s products have been internationally recognized and implemented in government tenders across over 50 countries, spanning continents from North America to Asia and countries as diverse as Argentina, China, France, India, and the United States. Some other countries that rely on our products include Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and many more. Get more in-depth information to appreciate the total global reach and recognition of our industry-leading products.

No. The default compiler options are used. SYSmark, MobileMark are compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio with default options.

BAPCo does not optimize any applications; instead, all applications utilized in BAPCo benchmarks are sourced directly from the application vendors. This ensures that the performance users witness during these benchmarks accurately reflects real-world experiences and outcomes.

BAPCo committee members meticulously analyze prevailing usage patterns and evolving trends to identify the most pertinent scenarios.

Decisions regarding the selection of applications by BAPCo committee members are data-driven, derived from a diverse range of market indicators. The final choice of applications is democratically chosen, reflecting the collective intelligence and discerning judgment of the entire BAPCo membership.

CrossMark is a native cross-platform benchmark that directly compares desktops and touch-enabled devices across Windows, iOS or macOS, Android, Linux, and ChromeOS. CrossMark users can install the benchmark and produce results in minutes. CrossMark reports an overall system performance, as well as several sub-scores indicative of system performance in a variety of accurate usage models.

SYSmark and MobileMark use real-world applications. This gives a more realistic view of performance, unlike many synthetic benchmarks, which only focus on limited aspects of a system. SYSmark and MobileMark are the premier PC benchmark that measure and compare system performance using real-world applications and workloads.

BAPCo was established with the vision of creating highly impactful benchmarks in an application-driven environment. As a BAPCo member, you’ll enjoy a host of exclusive benefits. You will gain access to our top-tier products at a reduced cost and be privileged with early access to beta pre-releases ahead of the wider market. Moreover, as part of our commitment to championing our member companies, your organization will be featured in our literature, on our website, and at our high-visibility convention booths. Join BAPCo today and gain a competitive edge, increase exposure, and drive innovation within your organization.

BAPCo presents a unique collaborative environment where each member plays an integral role in shaping and developing every benchmark. This collective effort ensures our benchmarks embody diverse insights and expertise, further enhancing the value and relevance of our benchmarks to the industry.

Companies interested in joining the consortium are required to fill out an Application + BAPCo Membership Agreement which will be reviewed by BAPCo’s Board of Directors. Membership dues are payable upon application approval.

Starting on 1 January 2023 BAPCo membership dues will be:

Full membership: $17,325 initiation fee and $17,325 yearly ($34,650).

Associate membership: $11,550 initiation fee and $11,550 yearly ($23,100).

Companies interested in becoming part of the consortium should send a request via our contact form.

Any organization interested in contributing to the consortium’s goals and purposes while adhering to the consortium’s code of conduct may join. Companies interested in becoming part of the consortium should call 888-893-6668 or send a request via our contact form.

BAPCo benchmarks are based on software packages commonly found in retail computer software stores. Using benchmarks based on business applications enables users to conduct evaluations of systems handling realistic workloads in environments users might often encounter. This approach provides users with meaningful data for evaluating systems because the results are relevant to demands they would typically place on systems through day-to-day workloads.

BAPCo stands for Business Applications Performance Corporation, and its current members include Acer, ARCintuition, ASUS, Compal, Dell, Dynabook, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Inventec, LC Future Center, Lenovo, Pegatron, Quanta Computer, Samsung, Western Digital, Wistron, and others. BAPCo is a non-profit consortium with a charter to develop and distribute a set of objective performance benchmarks for personal computers based on popular software applications and operating systems.

BAPCo was born out of a bold vision: to revolutionize the industry by crafting impactful, industry-relevant benchmarks within an application-centric landscape.

Members of the press interested in contacting BAPCo may do so through email: press@bapco.com