Windows Central – Dell XPS 17 (9730) review: A powerhouse for creatives but with strange limitations using BAPCo’s CrossMark Benchmark

Rebecca Spear at Windows Central has a great review, “Dell XPS 17 (9730)” using BAPCo’s CrossMark Benchmark.

According to Windows Central, “Dell’s XPS 17 (9730) is a powerful laptop thanks to its strong processors and fast reading and writing speeds. It’s up to almost any task making it perfect as a work laptop, family laptop, or a station for creative projects. Thanks to the powerful GPU, it also has decent graphical abilities to handle all of your hobbies and gaming desires to a good extent.”

Dell XPS 17 (9730)

You can learn more about this laptop in the review on the Windows Central website here.

Grab a copy of BAPCo’s CrossMark benchmark up at the Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS App Store here (on the CrossMark product page).