Unbox PH – 13th Gen Intel Core Review vs 11th Gen: Why You SHOULD Upgrade using BAPCo’s CrossMark Benchmark

Duey Guison over at Unbox PH reviews “13th Gen Intel Core vs 11th Gen” using BAPCo’s CrossMark Benchmark.

According to Unbox PH, “For benchmarking general use, we used Crossmark to see the processor’s overall performance for productivity, creative work, and overall responsiveness. As expected with the results we saw from GeekBench, the 13th Gen Core led against the 11th Gen Core across all metrics, with the biggest lead being creative work. Again, this shows both performance and efficiency cores on the Core 13th gen working in harmony to deliver the best overall performance.”


You can learn more about this comparison in the review on the Unbox PH website here.

Grab a copy of BAPCo’s CrossMark benchmark at the Android, Linux, Windows, iOS, and macOS App Store here (on the CrossMark product page).