TweakTown MSI MEG Z690 ACE Motherboard Review using BAPCo’s CrossMark Benchmark

Tyler Bernath over at TweakTown reviews the “MSI MEG Z690 ACE Motherboard” using BAPCo’s CrossMark Benchmark.

According to TweakTown, the MSI MEG Z690 ACE “Crossmark turned a score of 2374; this is about 40 points higher than average.” Also, “The ACE has been one of the better platforms from MSI over the last several generations. As a matter of fact, in the previous two generations, MSI has used this platform as their media launch motherboard, and as our testing has shown, this board is more than worthy as a flagship solution.”

Head on over to TweakTown for the full “MSI MEG Z690 ACE Motherboard” Review here.

Grab a copy of BAPCo’s CrossMark benchmark up at the Android, Windows, iOS and macOS App Store here (on CrossMark product page).