Tom’s Hardware: Intel 600p 1TB NVMe SSD Review using BAPCo’s SYSmark 2014 SE Benchmark

Chris Ramseyer at Tom’s Hardware Reviews the “Intel 600p 1TB NVMe SSD” using BAPCo’s SYSmark 2014 SE Benchmark Responsiveness Test.

According to Tom’s Hardware, “The responsiveness sub-test is a feature of BAPCo’s new SYSmark 2014 SE suite. It uses real applications and measures the service time to calculate a storage responsiveness score. The base score of 1000 comes from an OEM Samsung SSD with 16nm planar TLC NAND, which is similar to the Samsung 750 EVO series.”

“The Intel 600p doesn’t provide the same responsiveness score as the Samsung OEM SATA SSD, but it isn’t too far behind. The 600p isn’t perfect, but it’s “good enough.”

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