SYSmark 2014 SE Patch 1 Version Released with New Power (Energy) Meter Support & Enhancements

The new power meter support adds the Extech 380803 Power Analyzer/Datalogger. Due to the overwhelming SYSmark 2014 SE benchmark demand, BAPCo has introduced a slew of new Features, Fixes, and Enhancements:

  • Add power meter support for Extech 380803 Power Analyzer / Datalogger
  • Improve how SYSmark handles network adapters and virtual network adapters
  • Improve SYSmark installer with clearer prompts, messages, and detection for non-English operating systems
  • Improve error handling for when SIW fails to obtain system information
  • Check and enable Windows Search service (for Microsoft Outlook compatibility)
  • Remove extra Desktop shortcut icons added by Adobe applications

SYSmark 2014 SE Patch 1 Version release notes can be found here.

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