PC PERSPECTIVE: Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) vs. Apple iPad Pro (2017): Best Productivity Tablet using BAPCo’s TabletMark 2017 Benchmark

Ryan Shrout at PC Perspective reviews the ”Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) vs. Apple iPad Pro (2017)” using BAPCo’s TabletMark 2017 benchmark.

According to PC Perspective, “BAPCo details in its whitepaper the various workloads and methods that it uses for TabletMark 2017, including a web and email scenario, photo and video sharing scenario, and a video playback scenario. The applications are custom written for each platform (iOS, Windows, Android) but use each platform’s native development tools and methods to attempt to reproduce real-world application performance.”

Also, “The Microsoft Surface Pro has nearly a 2x performance lead over the iPad Pro models in this test, giving our first indication as to the performance differences with IPC and threading between the Core i5 and the Apple A10X.”

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