AnandTech: ECS LIVA Z Plus Kaby Lake vPro UCFF PC Review using BAPCo’s SYSmark 2014 SE Benchmark

Ganesh T S at AnandTech reviews the “ECS LIVA Z Plus Kaby Lake vPro UCFF PC” using BAPCo’s NEW SYSmark 2014 SE.

According to AnandTech, “The LIVA Z Plus is equipped with the Core i5-7300U, which has a slightly higher base frequency compared to the Core i5-7200U in the Beebox. However, the amount of L2 cache as well as the base frequency is better for the Core i7s in the MSI Cubi 2 and the BRIX systems in the above graphs. However, the LIVA Z Plus leaves some performance on the table by only using one of the two available SODIMM slots. That, combined with a SATA SSD (instead of NVMe), does help in lowering the energy consumed during the various SYSmark 2014 SE workloads.”

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