Surface Pro Artist – Surface Pen Performance Nearly Stops the Go Review using BAPCo’s TabletMark 2017 Benchmark

Rick Rodriguez at Surface Pro Artist Reviews the Microsoft’s new $399 Surface Go & Surface Pen performance using BAPCo’s TabletMark 2017 (cross-platform, application based benchmark for touch-enabled devices running iOS, Android, or Windows).

According to Surface Pro Artist, “While in S Mode, I ran the only benchmark available in Windows Store, TabletMark 2017 from BAPCo. Predictably, the Go scored neared the bottom of the devices I tested, but I was surprised to find it just behind my beloved m3 Surface Pro 4 which has never let me down over several years of nearly daily use.”

Microsoft Surface Go
Microsoft Surface Go TabletMark 2017 results

Head on over to Surface Pro Artist for the full “Surface Pen performance nearly stops the Go” Review here.

Grab a copy of BAPCo’s TabletMark 2017 benchmark here. With TabletMark 2017, you can compare the performance and battery life of devices based on all of the popular mobile platforms.