Why is my CrossMark score unexpectedly high?

An issue has come to BAPCo’s attention that can cause the Windows version of CrossMark to incorrectly report a high Responsiveness scenario score (above 5000). The issue appears when running the Windows version of CrossMark on a system where the directory path to the CrossMark input/output files contains certain non-English characters. This generally occurs when the username contains non-English characters. The high score is the result of a failed workload operation and is therefore invalid.

If a test result shows a Responsiveness scenario score above 5000, the test result is impacted by this issue and should be considered invalid.

To resolve this issue, BAPCo expects to issue an update for CrossMark (expected in late December 2021 or early January 2022) to resolve it. Once the update is released, the BAPCo result database will begin to automatically reject submissions from earlier versions of CrossMark. Users should update to the latest version once it is available. In the meantime, BAPCo is regularly monitoring the results database for problematic submissions and removing them from the results database.

Until an update is available, the user can work around the issue if they have Administrator access to the test system. The user should create another user account with name containing only English characters (e.g., “TEST”) and run CrossMark from the newly-created user account.