SYSmark 30

Where is the SYSmark 30 whitepaper?

The SYSmark 30 whitepaper is located on the SYSmark 30 product page

How do I fix ErrorState::Enter unknown error code 21048?

This error may occur on the SUT when testing with MobileMark 2018, MobileMark 25, SYSmark 30 if the system does not have an audio driver installed and an audio device such as headphones, or speakers connected to the SUT. Note that Bluetooth devices may not be sufficient as the SUT may place them in a low power mode or disconnect them completely in order conserve energy.

To avoid this error, please install an audio device driver and connect an audio device to the SUT prior to installing and testing with BAPCo benchmarks.

How to access and modify the BENCHMARK_TIMEOUT_MULT variable when troubleshooting benchmark errors

In the course of testing with BAPCo benchmarks, users sometimes experience a timeout error. Timeout errors are usually attributed to the following causes:

  1. The SUT’s battery charge is depleted, and the SUT is throttling performance to extend battery life.
  2. The SUT is a lower performing configuration, and therefore may take longer to perform some benchmark tasks

If timeout errors occur, users may wish to adjust the BENCHMARK_TIMEOUT_MULT environment variable to extend the timeout before a benchmark error is registered. Please refer to the attached screenshot for guidance on modifying the BENCHMARK_TIMEOUT_MULT variable. After modifying the variable, the SUT must be rebooted for the new setting to take effect.


Workaround for Windows 11 default browser notification

Update: The 11 July 2023 Windows 11 Cumulative update has resolved this issue. BAPCo recommends users testing with Windows 11 apply the KB update prior to installing and testing BAPCo benchmarks. See details from Microsoft.


Windows 11 build 1848, launching a browser other than Microsoft Edge may prompt the user to choose a default browser.

To avoid this prompt causing issues during benchmark runs, follow this procedure to workaround the issue.

  1. Install Windows 11 image
  2. Apply Windows 11 updates, if desired
  3. Be sure all drivers are installed and updated
  4. Disconnect from the Internet
  5. Install your BAPCo benchmark product
  6. Reboot
  7. Select the taskbar search box and type ‘Default Apps’
  8. In ‘Default Apps’ control panel search box, type ‘Google Chrome’
  9. Click the button to set Chrome as the default browser
  10. Reboot
  11. Run benchmark.

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