SYSmark 25

Does turning Windows Defender off affect the SYSmark performance score?

See the FAQ posted here on Windows Defender and the related Tamper Protection setting.

Does Windows Tamper Protection affect the SYSmark performance score?

Does Windows Tamper Protection affect the SYSmark performance score?

Tamper Protection can limit the ability of the SYSmark/MobileMark System Configuration Tool to modify some system settings.  Some of those settings, like disabling Windows Defender, can affect the SYSmark/MobileMark performance score.

Why does error CR_Premiere_03_OpenProject_Transcode error (22008)

Error CR_Premiere_03_OpenProject_Transcode error (22008) may occur on systems that do not have updated audio drivers installed.

When testing with SYSmark 25, BAPCo recommends that all system drivers be installed and updated to the latest available version.

Adobe Premiere Pro System compatibility Report warning

When testing with SYSmark 25, some users may encounter a System Compatibility Report dialog in Adobe Premiere Pro. This warning appears when the graphics driver installed on the system under test does not fully support the capabilities of Adobe Premiere Pro in SYSmark 25. To avoid this warning, please update to the latest publicly available graphics driver for the system under test.

Does SYSmark 25 support uninstallation?

SYSmark 25 can be uninstalled from Add/Remove programs in Windows 10. However, the uninstaller is not able to remove the DRM signatures placed on disk by some of the applications distributed with SYSmark 25.

BAPCo recommends that users make a back up of the system image prior to installation of SYSmark 25. After testing is complete, restore the back up, or install a clean image to the target drive to avoid issues with application DRM.

Do SYSmark 25 installations expire?

SYSmark 25 installations will expire 30 days after the first run of the benchmark, as per the licensing agreement between the application vendors and BAPCo.

Users should be sure that system time and date are correct before installing SYSmark 25. Do not attempt to change the system time and date once SYSmark 25 is installed, as it may trigger application DRM and immediately expire the installation.

Adobe Lightroom error: 20010 Import(): The Choose Source Folder window did not appear

Although SYSmark 25 has been engineered to disable network connections while the test is running, this error may occur on some configurations when the system under test has been connected to a wireless network. If this error occurs, and the system under test happens to be connected to a wireless network, please disconnect from the wireless network and attempt to run again.

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