SYSmark 2018

System information may take a long time to run

On some systems with large amounts of data in the Windows Error logs, system information may take a long time to complete. The system may appear unresponsive, but it should complete after a few minutes. To avoid this delay, clear the Windows Error logs on the system under test prior to launching SYSmark 2018

SYSmark 2018 may fail if Windows Search service is disabled

Some of the applications included with SYSmark 2018 may fail to work properly if the Windows Search service is disabled. When testing with SYSmark 2018, BAPCo recommends that users run with the default setting for Windows Search service, which is set to enabled.

SYSmark 2018 error: Failed to find valid license key, please reinstall benchmark

Some users may encounter the error “Failed to find valid license key, please reinstall benchmark” when testing with SYSmark 2018 on supported non-English languages. To work around this problem, navigate to the following location in the registry:

Double click on the SM_License_Key entry and paste your license key into the ‘Value Data’ blank. Click ok to save the update. Close regedit edit and reboot the system. Once the system has rebooted, SYSmark 2018 should be working correctly.

This procedure will need to be performed for each new installation of SYSmark 2018, prior to the first launch the benchmark.

Why did my SYSmark 2018 installation expire

Some of the applications in SYSmark 2018 have licensing restrictions which cause them to expire after 7 days. SYSmark 2018 will warn the user prior to this expiration. Once the installation has expired, the system under test must be wiped completely, and a new instance of SYSmark 2018 must be installed.

SYSmark 2018 may hang when testing on configurations with disabled network adapters

SYSmark 2018 may hang when testing on configurations with disabled network adapters. To avoid this issue, BAPCo recommends that customers be sure that all network adapters on the system under test are enabled.

BAPCo will release a fix for this issue in an upcoming version of SYSmark 2018.

SYSmark 2018 v1.0.0.39 hotfix 2

The following hotfix corrects an issue that caused SYSmark 2018 v1.0.0.38 hotfix 1 to incorrectly mark FDRs as invalid.

Download sm18_hotfix2_v1.0.0.39


1) Copy hotfix package to the to target system
2) Unzip the archive to extract the hotfix installer
3) Be sure that any instances of SYSmark 2018 are closed before attempting to apply the hotfix package
4) Right click the extracted .exe and run as administrator

SYSmark 2018 v1.0.0.37 OR SYSmark 2018 v1.0.0.38 hotfix 1 must be installed to apply hotfix 2

After the hotfix is applied, launch SYSmark 2018. The new version should be reported as

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