Hands on: Fujitsu Lifebook S936 review using BAPCo’s MobileMark 2014

Desire Athow at Techradar has another great review out, the “Fujitsu Lifebook S936” using BAPCo’s MobileMark 2014 benchmark. According to Techradar, “Fujitsu has a winner on its hands, with the S936 offering excellent performance along with some stunning expansion capabilities and shockingly good battery life, all of which makes it a great candidate for demanding businesses.”

How good is the Lifebook S936? “The Lifebook S936 is one of the best designed laptops we’ve seen in recent years.” The battery life tests were carried out by Fujitsu using the BAPCo MobileMark 2014 office productivity test.

Head on over to Techradar for the full “Fujitsu Lifebook S936” review here.