BAPCo Releases TabletMark v3, a cross-platform & architecture benchmark for Android, iOS and Windows

San Mateo, California – November 18, 2014 – TabletMark® v3, the latest release of the new cross-architecture, cross-platform performance and battery benchmark that explores different aspects of tablet devices, was announced today by the Business Application Performance Corporation (BAPCo®), a non-profit consortium of leading PC hardware manufacturers and software publishers.

TabletMark v3 builds upon its predecessors with the most important updates to date. Users finally have access to a benchmark built around real-world usage models that offers results that can be compared across Android, iOS and Windows 8.1. TabletMark v3 was built from the ground up to ensure that test results reflect features and optimizations intrinsic to each platform. TabletMark provides users an automated, objective, easy-to-use tool to evaluate system performance and battery life across a wide range of activities. TabletMark automates activities into three different usage scenarios: Web & Email; Photo & Video Sharing; and Video Playback. Results are displayed for the user at the conclusion of the run. TabletMark v3 now also supports 64-bit versions of iOS and Windows 8.1.

TabletMark is available right now as a free download from app stores including Google Play and Windows Store.

Unlike benchmarks that model a single task, reflecting only one aspect of system performance, or benchmarks built around synthetic workloads, which may not accurately reflect user experience, TabletMark uses a variety of workloads and data sets chosen by application experts in an effort to more closely reflect the performance a user might expect when performing similar workloads across a wide variety of real world applications. For these reasons and more, BAPCo benchmarks are the de facto standard for OEMs, ODMs, hardware and software developers, IT departments, system integrators, publishers and testing labs, as well as information technologists and computer industry analysts.

For over 23 years, BAPCo’s membership has represented the breadth of the computing industry and harnesses a consortium of experts for the best in real-world application-based benchmarking. TabletMark broadens the BAPCo family of benchmarks, including SYSmark® and MobileMark®, which have been widely accepted by IT Managers, PC OEM’s, press and analysts worldwide.

The Business Applications Performance Corporation (BAPCo®) is a non-profit consortium of leading independent testing labs, PC OEMs, PC component manufacturers and software publishers. Current BAPCo membership includes: ACER, ARCintuition, ChinaByte, Compal, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, Intel, LC Future Center, Lenovo, Microsoft, Quanta Computer, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Western Digital and Wistron. BAPCo is also proud to work with trusted advisors such as CNET Networks China and Any organization interested in contributing to the consortium’s goals and purposes is invited to join BAPCo. Government agencies are encouraged to join the BAPCo Government Network.

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John Peterson
Twitter: @TabletMark