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How do I configure a non-English OS installation for use with BAPCo SYSMark or MobileMark?

For testing on Non-Engish OS, SYSmark 2018 and MobileMark 2018 installers will configure the system correctly for the supported languages, provided the operating system is installed in a supported language, i.e., German.

SYSmark and MobileMark support seven Non-English languages. Download the .pdf for the target language and follow the instructions to configure the operating system.


Which device drivers should I use when testing with BAPCo benchmarks?

When using BAPCo benchmarks to evaluate performance or battery life, one should install the latest production drivers from the hardware manufacturer. Drivers included with the operating system may not be device specific or newer drivers may be available from the device manufacturer.  Using incorrect drivers could result in significantly reduced performance.

System information may take a long time to run

On some systems with large amounts of data in the Windows Error logs, system information may take a long time to complete. The system may appear unresponsive, but it should complete after a few minutes. To avoid this delay, clear the Windows Error logs on the system under test prior to launching SYSmark 2018 or MobileMark 2018.

SYSmark 2018 or MobileMark 2018 may fail if Windows taskbar is set to autohide

SYSmark 2018 or MobileMark 2018 may fail if the Windows taskbar is configured to autohide. Leave the taskbar default setting of always visible to avoid this problem.

Why did my MobileMark 2018 installation expire

Some of the applications in MobileMark 2018 have licensing restrictions which cause them to expire after 7 days. MobileMark 2018 will warn the user prior to this expiration. Once the installation has expired, the system under test must be wiped completely, and a new instance of MobileMark 2018 must be installed.

How do I remove Microsoft Office from OEM images prior to installing BAPCo benchmarks?

As BAPCo benchmarks such as SYSmark and MobileMark include all the applications required to run the benchmark(s) users must be certain that any previous installation of those same applications are completely removed from the OEM preload prior to attempting to install a BAPCo product.

Microsoft provides a tool for removing Office installations. Please use this tool prior to installing any BAPCo benchmark on systems where Office is preinstalled.

Note, there may be other applications, ie, Adobe Creative Suite that will need to be removed as well. This FAQ item covers MS Office only.


Does turning Windows Defender off affect the SYSmark performance score?

See the FAQ posted here on Windows Defender and the related Tamper Protection setting.

Does Windows Tamper Protection affect the SYSmark performance score?

Does Windows Tamper Protection affect the SYSmark performance score?

Tamper Protection can limit the ability of the SYSmark/MobileMark System Configuration Tool to modify some system settings.  Some of those settings, like disabling Windows Defender, can affect the SYSmark/MobileMark performance score.

Windows 10 version 19H2 version reporting in BAPCo benchmark results

With the release of Windows 10 19H2, Microsoft made a change to the mechanism used for Windows 10 version reporting.

Current generation BAPCo products have been updated (SYSmark 2018 fix will be included in the upcoming patch 3) to report the OS version correctly. However, customers with down-level versions of BAPCo benchmarks may find that in some cases, Windows 10 19H2 will be reported as Windows 10 19H1.

BAPCo encourages customers to always update to the latest patch for their product. Please see the product page on the BAPCo website for the latest updates for your benchmark product.

Where are the benchmark results located?

This FAQ applies to MobileMark 25, SYSmark 25, MobileMark 2018, and SYSmark 2018.

Upon completion of a benchmark run, a folder called ‘Results’ is created on the desktop, and the output from the run will deposited into a subfolder that matches the project name. For example, if the project is ‘My Project’ the output folder will be on the desktop under ‘../Results/My Project/’.

How do I fix ErrorState::Enter unknown error code 21048?

This error may occur on the SUT when testing with MobileMark 2018, MobileMark 25, SYSmark 30 if the system does not have an audio driver installed and an audio device such as headphones, or speakers connected to the SUT. Note that Bluetooth devices may not be sufficient as the SUT may place them in a low power mode or disconnect them completely in order conserve energy.

To avoid this error, please install an audio device driver and connect an audio device to the SUT prior to installing and testing with BAPCo benchmarks.

Does Windows Defender affect benchmark performance scores?

Windows Defender status can produce an impact to some BAPCo benchmarks. BAPCo benchmarks will automatically attempt to disable Windows Defender (if possible). Microsoft Windows 11 Operating System prohibits all 3rd party attempts to disable Windows Defender.

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