EEcoMark v2

Which compiler does BAPCo use to compile benchmarks?

Applications within BAPCo benchmarks are not compiled by BAPCo, but by the original application vendors. All other components within BAPCo benchmarks are compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, or Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 (with default options).

Is a meter required to run the benchmark?

No. EEcoMark v2 can be run without a power meter by selecting the ‘null meter’ option when setting up the test parameters in the Controller GUI. However, when selecting the ‘null meter’ option, power data readings are simulated and will not reflect the actual energy consumption of the system.

Can the Controller support more than one UUT?

A given Controller system may be used with several UUT systems. However, the Controller can only be connected to and interact with one UUT at a time.

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