APPmark 2018 battery run fails on Snapdragon-based Windows devices

Users may experience test failures when running an APPmark 2018 battery life test on some Snapdragon-based devices running Windows 10 April 2018 update (also known as Version 1803 or Redstone 4) or newer. The failure typically occurs after several hours of testing when the benchmark attempts to allocate memory for a workload operation and the operating system denies the request. In such cases, it should still be possible to obtain performance scores by running a 3 iteration test without the battery run checkbox selected, and it may be possible to obtain battery life results by repeatedly attempting the battery life test or reverting to an earlier version of Windows (e.g., RS3). It is possible a future update to Windows or the supporting platform software will resolve this issue, but no other workaround is currently available.

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