Is Windows 8 activation required for running MobileMark 2012 (Applies to version 1.5 or higher)?


Windows 8 is designed to prompt the user for activation every 3 hours. The activation prompt may interfere with MobileMark 2012 tests. There are three ways to prevent this interference:

  • Activate the Windows 8 installation using a retail license key.
  • Activate the Windows 8 installation using a Key Management Server. Note, this option is only available for Windows 8 Enterprise edition
  • Enable Windows 8 Test Mode
    • Launch the “regedit” application
    • Navigate to the key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control.”
    • Create a new key with name “7503491f-4a39-4f84-b231-8aca3e203b94”
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