MobileMark 2014 ver 1.5 or SYSmark 2014 ver 1.5 has error OP_Acrobat_02_StartApp.exe/StartAcrobat (15008) on Windows 10 November update


Note: SYSmark 2014 v1.5 and MobileMark 2014 v1.5 with patch 1 installed no longer need this hotfix. Please download patch 1 from the product page.


The November update to Windows 10 may cause an error with Adobe Acrobat when running MobileMark 2014 ver 1.5 or SYSmark 2014 ver 1.5. Please download the following .zip archive Hotfix_for_default_PDF_reader.

  1. Extract the zip file to a directory
  2. Copy the self-extracting executable from the .zip to the test system
  3. Be sure all SYSmark/MobileMark windows and applications are closed
  4. Right click the executable and choose ‘Run as administrator’
  5. Follow the prompts to apply the hotfix.
  6. Once the hotfix completes, run the benchmark test.